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This county is in North Wales. Its name is derived from the chief town, Caernarvon, which signifies The fortress of Anon, for so the country was on«e called. Its name in Welsh is Sir Caernarvon; and before Wales was divided into counties, it was called Snowdun Forest. It is bounded on the N. and W. by the sea; on the S. by Merionethshire and the sea; and on the E by Denhighshire. Its length from N. to S. is about 45 miles; but its breadth is very variable, in some parts nearly 14 and in others not more than 7 miles. In some parts, however, it is nearly 20 miles broad ; its whole circumference being nearly 100 miles. The southern part forms a peninsula, 13 miles in length, and in the widest part about 10 miles broad. The aspect of the country is generally mountainous, consisting of almost continued elevations and depressions; and the hills, both from their height and shape, exhibit very discriminating characteristics in the features of this highly diversified portion of the kingdom. (English Topography, 1816)

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